Volume 5: Oblivion Wraiths

April 30, 2019

Volume 5: Oblivion Wraiths

Volume 5: Oblivion Wraiths

One of the last aspects to cover about the Oblivion is what have come to be called, “Oblivion Wraiths.” Oblivion Wraiths, (Darkly and comically referred to by some as “The Ow”) are a semi rare phenomenon usually occurring only near The Crawl. They are worth mentioning because what we know of them makes them an entirely unique aspect of The Oblivion

First, as mentioned these are a fairly rare phenomenon. Almost always occurring very close to The Crawl and usually only when there has been some ‘disturbance’ in or near The Crawl, like research ships or the consumption of a large body like a planet or star. When they do appear, they generally move in a straight line towards a destination. Almost ALWAYS, a wraith will head towards non-life bearing objects like asteroids. The size of Oblivion Wraiths vary greatly, some being as small as a car and others almost the size of a moon. However these two sizes are the extremes and most fall towards the middle. Which relatively speaking is still fairly massive. 

One of the reasons they spark so much fear is they are often, if not always, anthropomorphized by those viewing them. However they have never shown any real sign of intelligence. The only stimuli they seem to react to is study. If a ship or something gets too close to a wraith it will tend to slowly move towards that ship. But if the ship retreats the wraith will invariably correct itself back to its original course.  

When wraiths first emerge from the crawl they are quite blob, except for the two slits on their front, which do resemble eyes to some, but they really have no discernible form. However as they travel through space their appearance does change and take on a more terrifying visage. This is due to the fact that as the wraiths travel thru space, pieces of them break off in a haphazard, jagged kind of way to envelop small objects, like dust, rocks, satellites, ships, etc. This gives them a much “sharper” and “wraith-like” appearance. 

It has been theorized the “eye slits” on the wraiths act as a sort of venting system allowing debris to flow thru them without taking away from their mass. This is why ships unable to out run a wraith will often attempt to “thread the eye” and pass thru the wraith entirely. Indeed this is the only sure way to pass thru a wraith unhampered. 

Upon reaching its destination a Wraith will do one of two things. If its mass is great enough it will attempt to fully envelop whatever object it has made contact with. (This is the same thing that happens to the pieces that break off from it onto smaller objects as it travels.) If the object is fully enveloped it will begin, with ever increasing strength, to pull that object back towards The Oblivion. If the wraith makes contact with something it cannot envelop completely it will simply stick to the object deflating slightly but retaining its eye vents. It looks very much like a giant glob of thick honey. The very few witnesses that have escaped from underneath a glob have described it as being like “stuck in tar”. Moving and breathing become difficult and the urge to sleep grows more and more intense the longer you are inside. Also, visibility is almost nonexistent as it is like peering and moving through an incredibly thick fog. If the glob cannot envelop the object in a short time then it will then change shade from its original stark white to more of a pink shade. It is theorized this is a signal for more wraiths to come to its location, which they inevitably do until there is enough combined mass among them to fully surround the object in its entirety. Again the appearance of Oblivion Wraiths is most common when The Crawl is right up on an object of some size like a star or planet, which often causes a “swarm” of wraiths to come upon the object, eventually enveloping it and pulling it into The Oblivion. A terrifying sight to behold. 

There are a few other notable differences between the wraiths and The Oblivion proper. Unlike The Oblivion and The Crawl which are completely immune to all forces, Oblivion Wraiths can in fact be harmed and even destroyed! But it is no easy task. They are immune to cold and heat entirely but are susceptible to both sound and electric weaponry, though it should be noted a discharge of some force and size is needed to make any significant impact on them. However, in general if more than 50 percent of their mass is lost the remaining wraith will usually dissipate. Regrettably, more Wraiths will usually always come to take their place. Magic and Psionics also do have a limited effect on the Wraiths, and can be attempted for use as a deterrent. 

The most effective way to thwart an Oblivion Wraith is with Traxt Magic, which will be explained in a later post. 

One final note is that Oblivion Wraiths can also be absorbed into a single person but at a terrifying cost. The person absorbing the Oblivion Wraith will be transformed into an Oblivion Ghoul. This will also be explained in a later post. 

The images provided shows an Oblivion Wraith that has traveled some time thru space. Also shown is a newly formed, more "full and blob-like" Oblivion Wraith, fresh from The Crawl. 


Below is an illustration of one of the smaller Oblivion Wraiths mentioned in this blog post:Small Oblivion Wraith - From Traskoria, the Tabletop Role Playing blog by TheTabletopGameShop



-Random Psionic



Stay tuned for next weeks post & let us know what you think in the comments! :D
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