Volume 64: Centaurs

November 04, 2019

Volume 64: Centaurs


Racial Class

At a glance: A race of half Human, half horse people. They excel at technology and pursue it relentlessly. They are at home both in the deep forest and in the mega cities they build that touch the sky or are built into mountains. 

Appearance/Lifestyle: The Centaurs, in many ways, are living contradictions. Their very existence should be impossible, yet they exist in the mythologies of countless worlds. No amount of food, or air could support their massive frames, abundance of redundant organs, or fill their stomachs and lungs. Yet they thrive, existing on ambient magic as much as food and water and air. Yet despite being creatures of magic they seem to shun it, focusing almost entirely on science and technology. Many say they are THE most technologically advanced race in the multiverse, being only approached in scale by the Humans, Dark Dwarves, and the Graze

As could be imagined with a creature that is half horse, Centaurs are massive. Their horse halves can be of any horse type imaginable, from the smallest of ponies, to the largest of draft horse. Their Human halves are proportional to their horse halves and can also be from any possible race of humans. The men and women tend to have long hair and manes that start halfway up their backs. They tend to take great pride in their hair. On their head, their manes, their tails, they keep their hair fastidiously clean and will often braid it or fashion elaborate styles, sometimes woven with precious metals and gemstones. 

They have no need for clothes and the men and women tend to be bare breasted. They have a natural resistance to cold, so their human halves usually have no need for covering even in the snow. Instead they often will cover themselves in elaborate body paint designs, or even tattoos which they are very fond of. This body paint will often be magical (one of the very few types of magic they will indulge in.) Their tattoos are often Tech-Tats, that appear to be normal tattoos, but house incredible technology and sometimes powerful weapons, which can be summoned from the tattoos with magical or psionic energy. 

Centaurs do not allow themselves to be ridden except in the most extreme of circumstances and consider it demeaning. Likewise, petting a Centaur or stroking their mane or tail is highly offensive and is a good way to get yourself kicked. 

Powers & Abilities: Centaurs are creatures of magic, despite hardly using it themselves. As such they tend to have massive mana pools which go unused. Some centaurs traveling in an adventuring group will allow themselves to be used as sort of a Living Battery, which other party members can pull magical and psionic energy from. 

As mentioned, Centaurs are naturally resistant to cold and take ½ damage from cold/ice attacks and cold/ice magic. They are hearty and strong and have bonuses to intelligence, constitution and strength (not all three but may choose +1 to two of these stats) but are lacking in dexterity due to their size and many appendages (-1 to dexterity) 

They are weapons experts and create their own exclusive type of weapons that can only be used by their kind. Moreover, they produce terrifying and mighty suits of power armor that they wear into battle, making them juggernauts in most conflicts. 

They also are adept at archery, creating potent technological bows and unique arrows with all manner of effects. 

On their magical side they have created a type of Candle Magic. This type of magic sprung up almost as a hobby among the Centaurs. They enjoy placing elaborate cantrips, and magical displays inside a candle that then releases the spell when it is lit. Some Centaurs have taken this type of magic farther, imbuing candles with powerful sustaining spells and buffs they use on the battlefield. 

The create amazing C-Shoes, horseshoes fused with amazing technology, allowing Centaurs to walk up walls and even on the air! These C-Shoes have dozens of different technological effects and can be powered by regular electricity or magical/psionic energy. You may notice another contradictory theme with the Centaurs as we have discussed these. They create amazing technological marvels in an effort to forgo the use of magic, but then choose to power these marvels with that same magical energy. With such huge reserves of mana available to them its not hard to see why. Centaurs using C-Shoes will often have each shoe dedicated to a different effect. One may allow them to walk on water, while another summons a localized earthquake with a stomp. There are limitless possibilities. 

That being said, Centaurs for the most part snub magic use in all its forms particularly spell casting. As such pure Centaur mages and psionic users are rare and are often ostracized. 

Despite their size and insane biology, Centaurs only require enough food and water a day to satisfy a normal human. To sustain the rest of their ample mass they absorb magic constantly from their environment. They keep a huge reserve of this magic inside themselves, which helps sustain them when they move to areas with little or even no magic. It should be noted that being in such environments makes Centaurs uncomfortable and nervous. Luckily for them almost everyplace in the multiverse contains at least some ambient magical energy. These reserves allow Centaurs to go for a week or more without food or water (1 week + 1 day per 4 levels) if necessary. Some Centaurs have taken this ability to absorb magic to the next level and use it to absorb magic and psionics cast against them to power themselves up and heal. 

(All of these will one day be written us as specialty classes for the Centaurs) 

History: The Centaurs have existed for a very long time. Not quite being ancient like the Elves, Trementians, and a few others, but close. In their earliest history they were very much powerful magic users. Being impossible creatures of magic their bodies HAD to become reservoirs for magical energy. 

This ample magical energy drew the Elves to the Centaurs and they formed an alliance that has existed throughout time. Besides their alliance with the Elves, the Centaurs tended to be isolationists. There are many reasons given for this. Some say upon learning of the existence of humans they formed a sort of cultural “body shame”, seeing themselves as monsters and beasts. It is said that in the early days they were jealous of humans and found them to be beautiful. This jealously eventually turned to anger and there were many conflicts between the Humans and the Centaurs in those times. 

But instead of going to war the Centaurs turned inward and went into hiding creating gigantic hidden cities, often inside of mountains. Living inside the mountains they became allies with the Dwarves, who also shared and uneasy alliance with the Elves. Regardless the Centaurs were happy to let themselves fade into the obscurity of myth on most worlds. With the help of the Elves they used their massive mana pools to travel the Multiverse, and sought out secluded worlds where they could exist alone. 

Over time the Centaurs began to see their reliance on the Elves as another weakness. They could have embraced their own magic and become powerful wizards, but Centaur pride wouldn’t allow them to do so, so they instead distanced themselves from the Elves and turned their huge intellects to the creation of technology. Fueled using their own mana they began to create fantastical technologies. They started a “secret war” with the humans, determined to always be ahead of them in the creation of technology. They would spy on humans on various worlds and whatever they created the Centaurs would have to create better. 

This was the life of the Centaur people for countless generations. Eventually though the Centaurs had a renaissance as a people. A great Centaur wizard rose up named Felgar. By this time the Centaurs had all but completely turned from magic but in another contradiction the Centaur people embraced this wizard as a leader. Felgar reunited the Centaur people and created new alliances and rekindled their friendship with the Elves. More importantly he brought a pride to the Centaur people they had probably never had. He helped them to embrace themselves as creatures of magic, and surprisingly, encouraged them to continue in their pursuit of technology above all else. The Centaur people, now able to love themselves, flourished. Felgar lived a supernaturally long life and it is said he never died but faded away in a silvery cloud. Indeed, their exists no body that can be attributed to Felgar. Many statues and monuments still exist of Felgar and are a source of social pride to the Centaur people. Many legends and old wife’s tales exist about Felgar and what actually happened to him. So many that we may never know his true fate. With the emergence of the Oblivion there are even tales that Felgar has come back to life or been reincarnated to help fight it. If this is true no one has seen him yet…

When the Oblivion began its onslaught the Centaur people were some of the first to join the alliance against it. They brought their powerful technology to bear, and some of them even joined the Trinity. Centaurs who became Smiths forged C-Shoes fortified with Traxts and powerful Traxt magic, available only to their own kind. 

Centaurs are also said to be the predominant race involved in protecting, “The Secret Siblings”, a group of true Dwarves being protected from extermination by the Dark Dwarves. They head “The Order of the 3 Horned Ram” which guards them in secret locations throughout the multiverse. 

The Centaurs continue to be friends to the multiverse. They have become one of the strongest forces in the alliance. Living contradictions in almost every way, these impossible magical beings continue to exist not only in our legends but on the frontlines of the battle against the Oblivion. 

About the Illustration: Todays group of illustrations include some random toons, some Xerxes, a Dark Dwarf, Bastion (duh), a robot, some Cyborgs, and what may be a bunny… 😊 There’s a strange symbol on one page…hmmm… what’s that about?


-Random Psionic

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