Veruvian Dragonhide Dice Bag

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Your dice are the engine for your gaming experience. As you roll them you twist fate and create new realities. Testing your skills, your might, observing the magical world around you. Your dice do incredible work and as such they deserve an equally epic place to call home. Give your beloved math rocks an awesome place to rest! Get a Veruvian Dragonhide Dice Bag! This dice bag is ULTRA PREMIUM, super strong and rugged and just looks fricken cool! Made from dragon scales and infused with ancient magic it’s the perfect place to store your clicky clacks after a great adventure! Each bag can easily hold 2-3 full sets of dice as well as all the other magic charms you might carry with you to each adventure. Coins, good luck charms, game tiles, those cool rocks you found in the backyard. All stay nestled safe inside, protected by dragon magic and might! Don’t just have legendary dice! Have a legendary dice bag! Get a Veruvian Dragonhide Dice Bag!

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⚔️ GREAT GIFT IDEA: Makes a great gift to any D&D or board game fan!⚔️ Perfect Accessory for your Table top games!
⚔️ Soft vivid coloring
⚔️ All products are handcrafted for quality
⚔️ Rich, Vibrant Colors,
⚔️ All products are standard size made from environmentally friendly material
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