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Elven Enchantment [D&D Metal Dice] - 3 Styles

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Eric the DM was able to meet some wood elves who were masters of enchantment spells that would protect adventurers on their journeys. It has been said that the powers summonable are a gateway to immortality if controlled and leveled up properly. Do you think you have what it takes to control these dice?

Equip yourself with the finest metal dice in the universe.☄️🧙
    ⚔️ Die-cast w/ high quality Zinc Alloy.
    ⚔️ Finished with custom electroplating. 
    ⚔️ Every single die is inspected by hand. 
    ⚔️ Exceptional weight = powerful rolls.
    ⚔️ A truly next level dice experience.
    ⚔️ No going back to plastic dice after this. 
    ⚔️ Take your adventure to the next level.

     Our dice sets are made up of the following 7 polyhedral dice:

    D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20. 

    Disclaimer: All of our RPG dice are completely unique, slight variations in color and texture is normal.

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