Legendary Magic D&D Dice Collection [Premium Metal] (17 Styles)

Behold our Legendary Magic D&D Dice Collection are made from some of the rarest items in the game, including: efreeti chain, armor of invulnerability, iron flask, demon armor, sphere of annihiliation, tome of the stilled tongue, luck blade, frostbrand, the well of many worlds, wyvern poison.

Your next adventure awaits you after you finish visiting TheTableTopGameShop Armory! Join me, Eric the DM on my quest to collect the rarest D&D dice in the universe! I have acquired a vast collection of Dungeons & Dragons dice throughout my travels including Acrylic, Premium metals, Bulk Packs & Mystery D&D dice!

⚔️ These D&D dice sets are made up of the following 7 polyhedral dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20. ⚔️

Disclaimer: All of our D&D dice are unique, slight variations in color and texture is normal.