Mystery Dice

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Choose your Door of Destiny & Let the Dice Gods decide your fate...

Every purchase includes $44 of FREE Digital Content!

Looking for your next set of epic dice but unsure what to choose? Here’s a chance to let fate decide! Believe in your own powerful destiny and let the universe bring an amazing new set of dice to you!

There are many doors to choose from, each representing a fate written in the stars! Which path will you take adventurer? The choice is yours but do not worry! Each path leads to incredible dice!

Through each door 🚪 you will find awesome and brilliant new dice sets! Dice of all kinds, shapes, colors, and designs await you! Some of you will be fated to receive rare or exclusive dice sets! And each door you choose will lead to a different dice set! No duplicates!

Open your soul to the mysteries of the dice universe! Roll the cosmic dice of fate and get your own mystery dice sets TODAY!

  • International Insured Shipping & Handling + Tracking for every order!
  • Guaranteed Delivery with every order! (or we will send your dice again, no questions asked)

Why Mystery Dice? 

As you may have already guessed, we are D&D fanatics! And with so much going on in this crazy world right now, we often find ourselves retreating to the fantasy realm and trying to forget about what's going on out there.  

On top of that, once you receive your set(s) of Mystery dice, you will receive an email from us shortly afterwards explaining how you can claim a FREE $10 gift card to the store

All you will have to do is send us a review of your awesome new shiny math rocks :)

    Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate each and every one of you! Without this amazing community, we would not be able to run such promotions 😎

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