Magic Metal Mystery - Dnd Dice

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🚨 To TheTabletopGameShop Guild, we thank you so much for your support over the holidays. We are restocking inventory and updating our website over the next few weeks. All items are available for PREORDER and will be shipped starting February 26th 2021. -Eric The DM 🧙

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Dare to let fate decide? The presence of an unknown force has been awoken... The Dice of are guaranteed to take you on a campaign like never before! Each chest represents an opportunity to receive a set of Metal Mystery Dice in which only the universe can dictate what they shall be... With a chance to win all of our Premium metal sets, Limited edition sets & Ultra rare never before seen metal sets! These dice will be soul bound to you upon your selection. Which dice will choose YOU?

Equip yourself with the finest metal dnd dice in the universe.

Each set is made up of the following 7 polyhedral dice:

D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20.

All of our Metal Dnd Dice Sets are:

⚔️ Die-cast w/ high quality Zinc Alloy.

⚔️ Finished with custom electroplating. 
⚔️ Every single die is inspected by hand. 
⚔️ Exceptional weight = powerful rolls.
⚔️ A truly next level dice experience.
⚔️ No going back to plastic dice after this. 
⚔️ Take your adventure to the next level.


Disclaimer: All of our dnd dice are completely unique, slight variations in color and texture is normal.

 ⌛What are you waiting for? Roll initiative! & Claim your set!🎲  

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