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Eric the DM here! You finally made it, Adventurer! I wasn't sure you would make it this far, but I am happy to see you're interested in my Dungeons & Dragons content. Below you will find a collection of some of the best D&D content from our affiliate podcast to exclusive D&D homebrew and fan submitted work. Take your pick, get lost for hours and enjoy!  


Looking to learn more about being a Dungeon Master? Or other Dungeons & Dragons gameplay details? Checkout my personal blog, D&D with Eric the DM. Got a question about D&D you want answered? Contact me on social media or by email and I'll try to write about it!
D&D with Eric the DM Blog




If you enjoy fantasy and sci-fi I hope you will find a home here. I hope to create content as often as possible so there will always be something to see. I am choosing to tell the story of Traskoria in the fashion of a tabletop gaming series, taking place within the multiverse. Join our adventurers as the oblivion continues to approach... // Random Psionic
D&D Homebrew | Traskoria, welcome to the multiverse.





Welcome to the world of Avlonia! Join the Legendary Dungeon Master, Joseph Musso and his cast as they embark on the most anticipated Dungeons & Dragons campaign ever created for Podcasting. TheTabletopGameShop is now an exclusive partner with ALLD20, take a listen below and let us know what you think on our social media! Thanks, Adventurer!
ALLD20 D&D Podcast




Got a few tricks up your sleeve, Adventurer? Why not share them with the rest of the Dungeons & Dragons community! We are all students of the game, and constantly learning. So let's help others grow by sharing your knowledge! Email or contact me on social media to submit your content! If your work makes it past the guild council, I will post it online and credit you. 
D&D Tips n Tricks | Dungeons & Dragons blog by TheTabletopGameShop, hosted by Eric the DM





Do I even have to explain this one? Let's be honest, confessions are one of the most hilarious parts of Dungeons & Dragons. I am starting a collection of the best, funniest, most crazy confessions from your D&D campaigns! Got something you think the community would love? Email or contact me on social media to submit your work, and i'll get it onto our social media for everyone!
D&D Confessions Blog | Dungeons & Dragons blog dedicated to sharing the best anonymous player confessions from D&D campaigns




Let's get creative D&D Nerds! What sort of crazy endings to these game hooks can you come up with? Send us your hook endings by email, social media or in the comments! If yours is our favourite of the month, there just might be a little something coming your way...
Finish the Hook | D&D Blog