Eric the DM Welcomes You To TheTabletopGameShop

Hey there & WElcome! I'm Eric the DM!

Greetings gamers! Are you ready to talk about anything and everything involving Dice, Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop Gaming!? As the Resident Dungeon Master at TheTabletopGameShop, I am responsible for organizing our D&D dice & contest giveaways, creating special dice and product deals for guild members, curating new Dungeons & Dragons dice and so much more. It has been my goal since starting TheTabletopGameShop to bring together a community of D&D fans who share a love for the game and can find a community online to share content, gain exposure through collaboration and feel welcomed. We are now over 60,000 members strong across all our platforms, so thank you for helping us continue to grow, Adventurer!

TheTabletopGameShop is creating a community designed for you! We are creating a space for gamers from all over the world to gather together and experience the joy, friendship, and adventure that comes with Tabletop Gaming! And I, Eric The DM, will be your host! So get involved with us! Engage with me on social media @TheTabletopGameShop, and let your voice be heard! Let me know what your questions are, do you have any ideas for some new dice? I would love to know what you think of our colors and styles, and what we can improve on! 

Along with that, I’ll be giving you my views and opinions on things as I tend to go off on my ranting tangents and share them in my blog: D&D with Eric the DM. Is there anything you would like me to talk about specifically and address it in long-form? I'm excited to hear your questions and I look forward to getting to know you! 

Looking for some more awesome Dungeons & Dragons content? Below are the blogs, podcasts & homebrew content that TheTabletopGameShop hosts on our website. What are you interested in diving into? Perhaps learning more about me? Then I would suggest clicking on my blog: D&D with Eric The DM. If that doesn't satisfy your craving, try the homebrew Traskoria, an adventure into the Multiverse...