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Limited Edition  Sets

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These limited edition D&D dice sets represent a quest in which our resident Dungeon Master, Eric the DM has embarked on. Historic fables of monumental proportions swaying the very fabric of the universe. You see, Eric is quite the collector! Constantly looking for the rarest materials this universe has to offer. Smoldev the mechanic, a long-time friend and ally of Eric, then fuses said materials composed of prismatic dragon scales, ice from the core of the Volzonian Mountains, the blood splattered teeth of an ancient hydra, scorching lava & ancient pixie mushrooms.

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What's included:

  • 1 Limited Edition Dragon D20
  • 1 Limited Edition Dragon Medallion  
  • 1 of each: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12
  • Die-cast w/high quality Zinc Alloy
  • Finished with custom electroplating

  • Every single die is inspected by hand
  • Exceptional weight = powerful rolls

  • No two D&D dice sets are identical

  • An ASMR experience in your hands

  • Designed for extremely satisfying rolls

  • Metal Carrying Case w/ Foam inserts

Each of these metal dice sets were then superheated by Zerozz The Champion of the Skies to encapsulate the immeasurable power within. Zerozz is said to be one of the oldest dragons in the known universes, it is believed Zerozz is either a force dragon or prismatic dragon however it is still unknown. No matter, we are exceptionally gratified to have Zerozz as a close ally of Eric & TheTabletopGameShop Guild.


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