The Prophecy

congratulations for making it this far, adventurer.

You stand at the beginning of a monumental journey.  Much needs to be done before we shall know the true outcome of the prophecy. You have entered yourself into a side of history striking your mark on this universe. However, you should not get too excited yet as this is merely the beginning, this will be a colossal quest to overcome . Ahead of you lies the answer to the true prophecy. Not even Kaza Ecid knows the fate of it, as by her own design. 

If you chose Wazooli's side of the prophecy you will need to roll a Nat 20 to activate them. 

If you chose Genku's side of the prophecy you will need to roll a Nat 1 to activate them. 

If you chose to unleash chaos into the universe then I hope that you are ready for a wild ride as the dice you received will contain true chaos within. I wish you luck trying to contain such uncertainty. These dice will be activated when they decide they are ready.

If you ordered with someone else let the dice gods decide what set belongs to who. Assign a number to each dice set (Example: Set 1, Set 2) 

and each roll a D20 of your choice. The one who rolls the highest number shall be destined for the highest numbered dice set. This can be done for any number of sets. If you rolled the highest you'd get set 2, If you rolled the lowest you'd get set 1. Make sure you clearly discuss which set is which before you roll. The next part of the Prophecy shall call upon you when the time is ready. It will require you to do a certain task with your dice. Good luck adventurers.