[Magic Metal] Dice Set

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[Magic Metal] Dice Set


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7 Piece Dice Sets Include 1 of Each:

THE Beginning of the prophecy...

You see, their mother Kaza Ecid spoke of a prophecy to them well over 420,000 years ago. Once old enough she told young Wazooli & Genku Diablos of their inherent power. While being twins, they could never be further from the same. 

You see their mother was known as the “Judgment of Destiny” from ancient times. She had decided that holding complete control of the outcomes in this Universe would leave it vulnerable to influence & persuasion. To combat this, she birthed two children, Wazooli & Genku Diablos, into the balance that this universe needed. She told them that they would have to convince a worthy adventurer to roll their dice, and that adventurer is YOU! 

You must decide which side of the prophecy you want to be on, Adventurer. Kaza Ecid’s prophecy must be fulfilled no matter the side chosen. The balance of the universe is dependent on it...

Read more about Wazooli & Genku Diablos Below...


Tis' I, Wazooli the Wizard. I must say you have come a very long way since the last time I have seen you in the flesh. I have seen you have grown quite powerful since our last encounter. I apologize for my absence, I was rather occupied on an utterly compelling quest for the last 2000 years. Even though my presence wasn't felt physically I can assure you I have been with you the entire time in magical essence. Every roll you've ever taken I have been a part of the outcome. The perfect Natural 20 in times of danger? I may have had something to do with that. On the opposing side I am sure you remember those times where your dice rolls have failed you. Ah, that would be the work of my younger twin brother Genku Diablos...

I have been following your adventures since the dawn of them and I can finally say it appears you are ready to take on the task of embodying your true power. If you choose to take on such power I shall throw your cosmic stone into my hat and the universe will decide what D&D dice it shall equip you with. Are you ready to test your fate and unlock your true potential? 


You see, Wazooli always wants the best of things. It’s why we never got along even as younglings. I am Genku Diablos, the balance of evil the universe requires. What Wazooli seems to forget is that without the worst of times, the best of times don’t exist. He probably tried to convince you that he's responsible for all of your natural 20’s and I have been responsible for all of your natural 1’s. While this may be true, I also employ the same necessary evil on your enemies. You see while I may be a fiendishly diabolic soul, I am completely honest with my intentions of evil. I understand that the balance that is necessary of both sides of the coin. But to what degree do you understand that chaotic evil brings balance?

Are you prepared to step into the realm of the unknown and unlock the true power needed to bring balance to the universe through chaotic evil? The prophecy cannot be spoken of until it is complete, I need you to play a game with my D&D dice and roll a natural 1 to unlock my power. Choose Genku and I will throw your cosmic stone into my hat and the universe will decide on the D&D dice you need to unlock your full potential. Are you ready?