Alvador Avanti's Golden Shrunken Head [925 Sterling Silver]

 Eric captured this relic from the nefarious Alvador Avanti himself. Eric swiftly swooped down into Alvador's layer deep within the poisonous jungle of Elvaz. He used his enchanted hoody from TheTabletopGameShop to mask his face in order to breathe through the poisonous plume of smoke surrounding. He threw one of his trusty soul stones as he knows Alvador cannot resist expensive relics. As Alvador approached the soul stone it burst into a vicious ball of tangling vines gripping and tightening itself around Alvador ultimately consuming him into the abyss. In which the vicious ball of vines eventually consumed itself as well leaving nothing but Alvador Avanti's Golden Shrunken Head behind. Rumor has it that the head belonged to his minion once upon a time

These gorgeous relics are a part of Eric the DM's rare collection that he brings back from each of his adventurers. Check out the other ones in his Treasure Chest, and see if you can collect them all before we run out! 

Necklace not included only sterling silver pendant.

Made of: 925 sterling silver