Amethyst Wyrm Resin Dnd Dice Set

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The the deepest crystalline caverns of the world their exists a mighty dragon. It’s long violet crystal covered body twists through the earth like a hot dagger through butter. Undefeated in battle, adventurers that have seen it and lived say the beast is over 100 meters long! Shining like a beautiful and terrifying gem as it bores between its many lairs and hordes! The Amethyst Wyrm! One of the worlds most powerful, most beautiful, and most deadly dragons! It’s indestructible crystalline scales forged into these very dice! These epic dice are a deep multifaceted purple and they shine like polished crystals! The all seeing eye of the great Wyrm watches you from every angle! Truly awesome don’t miss the chance to add these wicked dice to your collection! Grab onto the power of crystalline dragon! Unleash the fury of the Amethyst Wyrm!

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Each Set Includes 7 Polyhedral Dice:


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