Andromeda IV Mystery Dice Sets

It is I, Eric the Dm. I have been scouring the galaxies for dice sets that were worthy of offering to my adventurers. I have come back from the Andromeda IV Galaxy 24 million light years away from what we know as Earth. I slayed creatures that would make an Atropal look innocent. It was my most challenging journey yet but i have successfully brought back 26 sets of dice i was able to gather from the corners of Andromeda IV. These dice encapsulate a power i have never felt before. Dare to let fate decide? Let the Dice choose you. 

*Andromeda IV Mystery Dice Sets are not eligible to be paired with additional discount codes*

These dice sets include one of each of the following dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20.

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DISCLAIMER: Make sure you order different numbers if you want different sets of dice! 

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