Berserker's Gold Metal Dnd Dice Set

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Berserker’s Gold Dice Warriors are the cornerstones of adventure. Tales of wizards, rogues, even clerics abound, but by far the most populous are the stories told of fantastic warriors. Warriors come from all walks of life. Knights who swear oaths, Paladins who wield holy power, Monks whose hands and feet strike like lightning, the list goes on and on. They fight using incredible feats, piecing armor, inspiring with mighty shouts, even healing with strong steady hands. But one fighters talent is feared perhaps above all the rest: Berserker’s Rage! Warriors who possess this ability are nigh unstoppable forces in battle. Their weapons fly at speeds so fast they can barely be seen. Wounds that would kill any normal warrior are shrugged off and the fight continues. These dice represent that unparalleled Berserker Fury! Dark crimson/maroon smooth and dark like the blood of those fell by the warriors swift blades! Bright shining gold like the sparks of sword and shield as the strike over and over with blinding force! Truly dazzling these dice are berserker force incarnate! Bring this purity of rage to your next adventure! Unleash the raw unbridled power of the warrior’s spirit! Unleash Berserker Gold!

"Why you need these in your Armory"

⚔️ Every Single Die is Inspected by Hand
⚔️ Finished with Custom Electroplating
⚔️ Exceptionally Balanced Weight
⚔️ One of a Kind Characteristics
⚔️ Found in the Depths of the Universe
⚔️ Dungeon Master Approved
⚔️ Unbelievably Epic Gift Idea
⚔️ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Take your Adventure to the Next LEVEL!

Each Set Includes 7 Polyhedral Dice:


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