Bottomless Grave Metal Dnd Dice Set

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There are legends that tell of a place where the dead come back to life. But this rebirth is no boon. The lives reborn here are born again to suffer! Because this terrifying and magical place is a bottomless pit known throughout the universe as The Bottomless Grave! No one knows where it came from. It is said it was created as a place to punish mad wizards and necromancers who were to powerful or too evil to die. Others say it was made by a mad wizards themselves! As a place to torment those who slighted them for eternity! Regardless if how it came to be it brings the dead back to life, and living or dead once you are tossed over its gaping maw you will fall for lifetime after lifetime into insanity! These dice hold the power of the bottomless grave! These silver stones are emblazoned with the skulls of the dead thrown into the abyss! Rolling them will send terror into your foes! Your critical strikes will send your enemies reeling into an infinity of madness as they fall forever in despair! Cause those who would stand against you to think twice! All things living and dead fear the curse of the Bottomless Grave!


"Why you need these in your Armory"

⚔️ Every Single Die is Inspected by Hand
⚔️ Finished with Custom Electroplating
⚔️ Exceptionally Balanced Weight
⚔️ One of a Kind Characteristics
⚔️ Found in the Depths of the Universe
⚔️ Dungeon Master Approved
⚔️ Unbelievably Epic Gift Idea
⚔️ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Each Set Includes 7 Polyhedral Dice:



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