Carnage of Minds DnD Dice Collection - [Premium Metal] (1 of 1)

Got a new campaign coming up? Take your adventure to the next level with the Carnage of Minds DnD Dice Collection! Available for only $27.95/set, these metal dice are our newest collection and sure to make you the envy of your party. These dice were created during Carnage II, a time period in history best known for well, carnage. Mass armies were defeated in an attempt to take over Urlafarus of the international High Court, as he had the largest stockpile of solar & arctic metal which was secretly stolen from an international forgers union. TheTabletopGameShop has access to the remaining rare metals and offering these Dungeons & Dragons dice to our community so that the remains of this evil are forever controlled. Are you skilled enough for the responsibility of keeping these dice safe from Urlafarus' spies and thieves, scouring the world to reclaim his remaining precious metals? 

These dice sets include one of each of the following dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20.

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