Ultimate Chaos Metal Dnd Dice Set

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Elemental magic is incredibly powerful. Unlike arcane magic, elemental magic pulls from the very elemental planes themselves! Pure, raw elemental energy focused and tamed by elemental wizards. It is an awesome sight to behold. But this power can become wild! Especially when multiple elemental mages square off against each other, the power from these various planes of existence can swirl together creating wild magic with unpredictable and often devastating effects! When to much elemental wild magic comes together it is unleashed in a storm so powerful it destroys with the force of a nuclear explosion! Elemental Wizards call this terrifying effect, “Ultimate Chaos!” Feel the power of chaos in your own hands with Ultimate Chaos dice! This ultimate wild magic has been captured inside of Elemental Quicksilver! But underneath you can still see the explosive energy shining through! Set off your own nuclear ☢️ explosion 💥 on your next adventure! Destroy your enemies on an atomic level with unbridled elemental energy! Unleash Ultimate Chaos!!!

"Why you need these in your Armory"

⚔️ Every Single Die is Inspected by Hand
⚔️ Finished with Custom Electroplating
⚔️ Exceptionally Balanced Weight
⚔️ One of a Kind Characteristics
⚔️ Found in the Depths of the Universe
⚔️ Dungeon Master Approved
⚔️ Unbelievably Epic Gift Idea
⚔️ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
⚔️  100% SSL Secure Payment Checkout
🚚  FREE Insured Shipping Over $50!
Take your Adventure to the Next LEVEL!

Each Set Includes 7 Polyhedral Dice:


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Equip yourself or another adventurer with the finest metal dice in the UNIVERSE!

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