Crystal Soul Stones Ancient D&D Relics [29 Styles]

These Crystal Soul Stones are said to have been the relics required to summon special types of rituals and magic in ancient time, some 3500 years ago. Although they are claimed to be drained of all powers right now, rumor has it that they are actually just in a dormant state and require the summoning of only a select few, however people are often shy to summon them because they offer good luck while in their current state. Do you dare summon one and risk everything...? 

These gorgeous relics are a part of Eric the DM's rare collection that he brings back from each of his adventurers. Check out the other ones in his Treasure Chest, and see if you can collect them all before we run out! 

The Crystal Soul Stones are approximately 1in X 2in in size and weigh 70-100g.