Dezruvian Healing Charm

Every charm is unique! the shape size, and color will be matched to your soul through Ancient Dezruvian Magic.

The Dezruvian Healing Charm is the perfect addition to any players wardrobe and game. A goodluck charm at it's core, this crystal provides an extra kick of health at the most opportune moments.. On one of his adventures, Eric the DM was provided this stone from a Dragonborn that allowed him to help his friends in battle without hesitating. Luckily enough Eric passed off the information about how to obtain these stones on earth and TheTabletopGameShop now has an exclusive contact to get these for you!  

These gorgeous relics are a part of Eric the DM's rare collection that he brings back from each of his adventurers. Check out the other ones in his Treasure Chest, and see if you can collect them all before we run out! 

The Dezruvian Healing Charm has a chain length of 45cm, and due to variations in the stone each necklace is unique, ranging 1.4-1.7 inches. They weigh around 15-125g each.