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Welcome to TheTabletopGameShop's Dice Club Adventurer! An exclusive membership absolutely FREE for you to try for the first month to see if you love it. 

Why we are doing this? 

  • After receiving a ton of feedback from our customers, we realized that many of you were looking for access to a service that offers access to cheaper D&D items & Digital Content that can be directly used in campaigns, such as new maps, new characters, NPCs, new items, etc...

  • As we stock inventory, we are often left with an excess of items that we want to turnover so we can bring new products into the store! As a member of our Exclusive Dice Club, you get access to all of these sets for FREE, all you need to do is cover the cost of Shipping & Handling. 


What you get:

  • Access to FREE products from TheTabletopGameShop, such as D&D dice, lapel pins, jewelry & more! You just cover the cost of our Insured International Shipping & Handling, with delivery guarantee! 

  • Access to FREE Downloadable Digital Maps that you can use directly in any campaign! Plus new maps added every month for you to keep your campaigns interesting!

  • Access to FREE Rare Digital Item downloads that you can use directly in any campaign! Plus new rare items added every month for you to keep your party wanting more!  

  • Random Acts of Diceness!
    • We will send out limited edition metal sets to members at random each month! All you need to do is be a subscribing member to the dice club for your chance to WIN!

  • Early access to our latest dice & product launches. As a member of our Exclusive Dice Club you will get discounts that even our email list does not get access to! 

  • Exclusive rewards for members at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year!
Check out some of the items you can get for FREE below! :D
Digital Item Preview
Digital Map Preview

Digital Map Preview


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