Divine Intervention Metal Dnd Dice Set

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A clerics work is never done. Healing wounds, providing shields, buffing allies, debuffing enemies, all the while looking to provide proper fan service to their god or gods. It can all be quite hectic. Powerful clerics have started trying to help themselves out by storing their spells in easily usable devices for their friends and allies to use as needed. The most powerful of these ready to use spells is the awesome Divine Intervention! Call down the power of the very gods on your next adventure! These beautiful dice are made from enchanted, super hard God Glass! Sealed with Cleric’s Gold these stunning dice shine like stained glass and seem to glow with godly power! Each die is lovingly crafted and enchanted by a powerful cleric. What god will you summon on your next adventure?! Be warned! Nat 20’s have been know to summon gods into your game space! Have snacks and the proper offerings prepared! Smite your foes with holy power when you roll with Divine Intervention!

"Why you need these in your Armory"

⚔️ Every Single Die is Inspected by Hand
⚔️ Finished with Custom Electroplating
⚔️ Exceptionally Balanced Weight
⚔️ One of a Kind Characteristics
⚔️ Found in the Depths of the Universe
⚔️ Dungeon Master Approved
⚔️ Unbelievably Epic Gift Idea
⚔️ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
⚔️  100% SSL Secure Payment Checkout
🚚  FREE Insured Shipping Over $50!
Take your Adventure to the Next LEVEL!

Each Set Includes 7 Polyhedral Dice:

Here at TheTabletopGameShop we're obsessed with giving our customers the best experience possible! That's why we offer a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when purchasing from us. If for ANY reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our Cleric Support Team and we'll resend, return, refund, cancel, swap items, or whatever is required to ensure you're satisfied with your order!🚨 Disclaimer: All of our RPG dice are completely unique, slight variations in color and texture is normal.

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Equip yourself or another adventurer with the finest metal dice in the UNIVERSE!

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