Dragon Scale D&D Dice [Premium Metal] (9 Styles)

The Dragon Scale D&D Dice Collection, created from the scales of 9 legendary slain dragons. ⚔️🐲 Take your adventure to the next level with a Dragon Scale Metal D&D Dice set, they are crafter deep within a dangerous mountain from the scales of 9 legendary Dragons born in a secret wizard crafting cave.

Your next adventure awaits you after you finish visiting TheTableTopGameShop Armory! Join me, Eric the DM on my quest to collect the rarest D&D dice in the universe! I have acquired a vast collection of Dungeons & Dragons dice throughout my travels including Acrylic, Premium metals, Bulk Packs & Mystery D&D dice!

⚔️ These D&D dice sets are made up of the following 7 polyhedral dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, D20. ⚔️

Disclaimer: All of our D&D dice are unique, slight variations in color and texture is normal.