Veruvian Dragonhide Dice Bag

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Your D&D dice are the catalyst for you completing the greatest of heroic deeds, or the biggest of blunders. Want to avoid the latter? Then treat your dice with respect, and make sure they have a safe home during transportation & storage. *Nat 20s still not guaranteed*

We've learned a thing or 2 about dice bags. Most are cheap and break easily, so we created the premium Veruvian Dragonhide Dice Bag. Made from the scales of legendary slain dragons, each Veruvian Dragonhide Dice bag is guaranteed to keep your items safe.

This dice bag is 10x15cm and can comfortably hold up to 2 full polyhedral RPG dice sets, and any number of other small items such as coins, minis & game tiles, etc...

Equip yourself with the finest RPG Accessories in the universe!

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🚨 Disclaimer: slight variations in color and texture is normal. 

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