Fossilized Mineral Dragon Skulls

These Fossilized Mineral Dragon Skulls were picked up by Eric the DM on one of his recent adventures to a world undisclosed to TheTabletopGameShop. These fossilized skulls can summon a live ether around enemies that are rumored to be able to paralyze them for a duration. Nobody knows much more than this, as the last documented use was from scripture date to be over 800 years ago. A Monk discovered the spell that was able to switch this ether on and he was able to retake his home monastery from a Dwarven invasion. Will you be the next to use these in battle...?

These gorgeous relics are a part of Eric the DM's rare collection that he brings back from each of his adventurers. Check out the other ones in his Treasure Chest, and see if you can collect them all before we run out! 

The Crystal Soul Stones are approximately 1in X 2in in size and weigh 60-85g.