Magic Meowsers Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens! 🐱 🐈  Next time your listening to that puuurrrrrrfect playlist why not do it in feline style?! Sink your claws into some musical cat magic! These stylish 🎧 headphones are the real cats meow! Available in an assortment of stylish kitty colors they will be meowsic to your cat ears! Incredibly comfortable and high quality, they produce SUPURRIOR sound fit for even the most discerning feline! From the highest mews to the lowest alley cat purrs, you’ll hear it all whisker clear! Don’t be that cat drinks sour milk in the cold! Get some fresh cream for your warm fuzzy cat belly! These headphones are the creme de la creme! Magically transform into the rockstar cat you were meant to be! Rock out with your cat out! Get yourself some Magic Meowsers!

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🎧  Expected Shipping 1 Month After Purchase!  you will be notified of any delays.

"Why you need these amazing headphones in your life"

🎧  Cool LED Flash Light Emitting Ears
🎧  Wireless So You Don't Get Your Cord Caught Anymore!
🎧  Built In Microphone For Gaming, Recording, Streaming, Phone Calls & FaceTime
🎧  8 Hour Charged Usage Time + 200 Hour Standby Time
🎧  Bluetooth Version 5.0 For Full Hardware Compatibility
🎧  Up To 10 Metre Receiving Distance
🎧  Compact & Foldable For Easy Transportation
🎧  USB Charging Only Takes 2 Hours
🎧  Comfortable Leather Ear Covers & Headband 
🎧  40mm Built In Speaker Delivers Amazing HiFi Sound Quality
🎧  Unbelievably Epic Gift Idea
🎧  30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
🎧  100% SSL Secure Payment Checkout
🚚  FREE Insured Shipping Over $50!
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