Nebula Projector

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Transform Your Room.

The NebulaRoom™ Projector is a compact, stylish, interactive gadget which engulfs any room in a sea of stars, light, and color. With user-friendly functions and endless projection effects, say goodbye to chunky lamps and immerse yourself in the wonders of the cosmic world.

Due to an increase in demand for our Nebula Light we are limited on stock, place your orders soon before they are gone!


Form constellations in the comfort of your own home and fall asleep under a blanket of stars. Transform the ambiance of your living space instantly with the NebulaRoom™ Projector, an easy plug & play installation that casts an ethereal symphony of the night sky onto every surface light can touch.


Fully Control the Nebula Light Your Way!

Combine a Nebula Galaxy light with your favorite tunes using bluetooth pairing, the Nebula Projector will pair with your device and play music. Set the mood in your room that everyone will love!

 *Due to high demand and Covid-19 all orders could take up to 1-2 days to process*

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