Tak al Gaz's Doom Charm [925 Sterling Silver]

Tak al Gaz's Doom Charm is Eric's most frightening relic yet. After being chased by Tak al Gaz into the dunes of Alzabesh on the backs of giant scorpions Eric swiftly escaped using his Element's Bracelet to summon a massive whirlpool demobilizing Tak al gaz & teleported himself back to the safety of his secret cavern. As he landed, and the water dispersed throughout the cavern Eric heard a *clink* and saw that Tak al Gaz's Doom Charm had been lying in front of him. Legend has it Tak Al Gaz has been on the search for over 1000 years trying to find the remaining pieces of the charm in order to complete its body. Once complete it will hold the power to unleash uncertain doom upon the universe. We must never let Tak al Gaz complete the charm so I am looking for a worthy adventurer to help protect the universe and everything we know of by guarding the Head of the Doom Charm. Do you have what it takes to protect us all?

These gorgeous relics are a part of Eric the DM's rare collection that he brings back from each of his adventurers. Check out the other ones in his Treasure Chest, and see if you can collect them all before we run out! 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver + Copper Accents
Height: 34mm
Weight: 18g