Undead Anarchy Metal Dnd Dice Set

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A horde of the undead is a terrifying thing. A shambling mass of decayed flesh moving with a singular purpose: to exterminate the living. These horrifying armies are almost always under the control of a necromancer. Evil wizards who use the corpses they raise to further their own mad designs. Left unchecked necromancers can raise armies of 100s even 1000s of undead! But as terrible as these foul mobs are they can be even more terrifying when the necromancer dies! Because killing the necromancer does not destroy their unholy abominations. It sets them loose! This is Undead Anarchy! 1000’s of undead gone berserk! They destroy everything in sight with ferocious evil power! Killing these monster has proven nearly impossible for even the most skilled wizards so they have decided to contain them instead! Each one of these dice contains the wild raw power of the undead gone insane! Necrotic black and blood red, sealed in Mage Mercury these dice seem to howl with hate for the living with every roll! Send the horrible power of the undead against your foes! Release Undead Anarchy!

"Why you need these in your Armory"

⚔️ Every Single Die is Inspected by Hand
⚔️ Finished with Custom Electroplating
⚔️ Exceptionally Balanced Weight
⚔️ One of a Kind Characteristics
⚔️ Found in the Depths of the Universe
⚔️ Dungeon Master Approved
⚔️ Unbelievably Epic Gift Idea
⚔️ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Each Set Includes 7 Polyhedral Dice:

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